Sanitary Hygiene which include the She Packet Toilettes Wipes-White, Dual
Dispenser, She Packet Dispenser-White, Sanitary Packet Dispenser, She Packet
Dispenser-Silver, She Bin Mini-Stainless, Intima She Bin Auto-Silver, Intima She Bin
–Pedal, etc.


Palabora Hygiene house and townhouse cleaning Services will ensure that your
home or townhouse is spotless, neat and tidy. Our services include daily, weekly and
monthly cleaning of your home and as and when required. We also provide cleaning services after a party…

Pest Control

Palabora Hygiene undertakes to implement pest control treatments for our clients, amongst other pest species, rats, mice, wasps and those contemplated as pests on its premises. Although the intention remains to protect humans against the hazards…

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