Pest Control Services

Palabora Hygiene undertakes to implement pest control treatments for our clients, amongst other pest species, rats, mice, wasps and those contemplated as pests on its premises.

Although the intention remains to protect humans against the hazards created by pests, the approach to manage pests by means of alternative methods is promoted such as ecosystem monitoring, non-pesticide management tactics firstly and to consider the use of chemicals only as a last resort and within an approved program.

Whenever pesticides are to be used by Palabora Hygiene pest control specialists, a sign will be posted at the main security access building to comply with the requirements for signage as contemplated in the Fertilizers, Farm Feeds, Agricultural Remedies and Stock Remedies Act (Act 36 of 1947- as amended) 2(a), 3-5, and anadditional 3 signs made available for distribution on notice boards, at least three working days before the intended application of the approved pesticide product and shall remain posted for at least three days after application of the pesticide.

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