Cleaning Services

House and townhouse cleaning
Palabora Hygiene house and townhouse Cleaning Services will ensure that your home or townhouse is spotless, neat and tidy. Our services include daily, weekly and monthly cleaning of your home and as and when required. We also provide cleaning services after a party or when moving into a new home. Call us today to clean you home.

Office and Medical Environment Cleaning
Palabora Hygiene also provides office and industrial cleaning services that fit your schedule and go beyond your expectations for a clean office or workplace to fulfil your specific needs and to ensure a hygienic, healthy and safe environment.

Building or Facility Maintenance Management
Palabora Hygiene can do more than keep your corporate environment, schools, sports ground sanitary and healthy with our cleaning service. We also offer full building maintenance management and ensure that your building is safe and in good working order by utilizing our reliable building maintenance management services.

Janitorial Cleaning Services
Palabora Hygiene janitorial services will sanitize and disinfect any space considering the potentially devastating health risks involved. To ensure a cleanliness environment, spraying high-risk items including door handles, desktops and high traffic areas by manually wiping and spraying to ensure full coverage and we are always ready and available when you need us and to deliver quality and affordable janitorial cleaning services every time.

Car Wash services
Palabora Hygiene car wash services will wash and vacuum clean vehicles the inside and the outside with a pressure wash of the engines and degrease and wax polishing.

Integrated Cleaning Service
We provide daily cleaning of floors, Resilient Floor s, Sweep Vinyl and ceramic tiles using duster and damp mop, Scrub with detergent (Washing Floors) and machine buff, Vacuum cleaning carpets and Rug Surfaces, Clean Walls, Clean all windows inside and outside ( Complete cleaning), Spot clean all electrical switches, Clean doors, Polish all desk tops and wooden furniture, Wipe vinyl furniture, Wipe telephones, Dust all electrical and communication equipment, Dust light fittings, Spot clean all glass doors, Wipe with damp cloth all bright metal surfaces, Empty, wash and clean bins, Clean toilet floors with damp mop and disinfectant and dry floors, Sanitize, clean all basins, bowls and urinals, Clean mirrors, Spot clean switches, walls and doors, Replenish paper products, Place Deo Blocks in urinals, Fill soap dispensers.

Health and Safety
Palabora Hygiene is responsible for all necessary precautions required to protect its clients from normal expected exposure such as dusts, greases, solvents encountered in a your environment and our personnel will be required to wear acceptable, identifiable clothing in a clean and hygienic condition and to abide by the normal standards of confidentiality.

Supply and Delivery of Cleaning material

1. De-greaser
2. Urinal Mats
3. Steelwool
4. Brooms
5. Feather dusters
6. Mutton Cloths
7. Window & Floor squeegees
8. Change house brooms ( Deck Scrub Brooms)
9. Toilet brushes
10.Toilet Papers
11.Paper/ Cotton towels
12.Toilet soaps
13.Dish-washing soaps
16.Hand and surface Sanitizers
17.Lining bags for bins
18.She bins
20.Dustpan & Brush
21.Pine Gel and Handy Andy
22.Furnisher Polish
23.Polimeer Polish ( After strip and seal)

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